About us

About Akash Balti

In Bengali, the dominant language of Bangladesh, the word akash means 'sky'...
...And 'sky thinking' means open-minded creativity, as wide and clear as a cloudless sky; unfettered by convention.

The People

"Surround yourself with people of vision" - Vinre MrMahon

Akash Balti began life in 1999 when Mr. Soyful Alam was invited to become Head Chef and join two other members of staff in a brand new venture.

Mr. Alam attended the famous George Salter High School in West Bromwich, and left school in 1989. After just three months Mr. Alam became a 50% share holder and has continued as Head Chef ever since. Despite almost constant recession, the restaurant has enjoyed continuous growth - thanks to a loyal and steadily increasing clientele of discerning diners. Our customers are mainly local people - many of whom dine with us not just weekly but several times throughout the week.

Many other clients travel in from further afield - a true indicator of a restaurant's popularity! This has enabled us to refurbish, upgrade and extend the restaurant to its current high standard.

The Cuisine

Akash Balti specialises in the very finest Bangladeshi cuisine. Mr. Alam's signature dishes - many of which we believe to be unique to Akash Balti - include starters such as Boti Lamb and Spicy Momo Chicken Kebab. Main Dishes include Mirchee Tawa Chicken, Chicken Capsila, Kofta and Egg Chilli Massala and Home Style Chicken and Lamb Curry on the Bone includes curried Lamb Shank.

Fish has always been extremely popular in the restaurant. Therefore, we continue to introduce new fish dishes on a regular basis.

A glance at the menu will apprise you of the ingredients and methods in greater detail. Mr. Alam's signature starter is his outstandingly succulent  Boti Lamb, a firm favourite with everyone.

The Atmosphere

Of course, it's the people that make a place fun and relaxing to be in, but we have always been intensely proud of our restaurant and have invested heavily in it to make it as inviting and pleasant a place as possible in which to dine.

The addition of a handsome water-feature and the acquisition by lease of the adjacent property to create a private function room for upto 50 guests are all part of our programme of continuous improvement.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy on food  is simple.... Firstly, all the dishes we create must delight and satisfy me. That is the prime test. If we love it, we believe others will love it too. Secondly, all ingredients must be the very best available. Fresh, locally-sourced (wherever possible) and prepared with a healthy fusion of traditional and modern methods.

A restaurant that is regularly packed with happy diners seems to suggest that our philosophy is sound.
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